How is shapewear influencing fashion trends

May 08, 2024

Thanks to shapewear, which has slowly become a very popular trend the way we interact and perceive our clothing has changed a lot.  In the past, shapewear was considered an undergarment but it is now a staple piece in the fashion world and even considered outerwear! 

Believe it or not, now pieces like lower tummy shapewear are influencing not only our everyday clothing but also designs that are ready for the runway. These pieces will enhance silhouettes, smooth out curves, and much more, becoming an indispensable tool for many people who are looking to achieve a specific silhouette and figure. 

Has shapewear evolved? 

Shapewear has been transformed a lot in our modern days, and this has been possible due to technological advances and also the changes that society has had towards not only inclusivity but also body positivity. 

Our modern booty lifting shapewear is being designed and manufactured having functionality and comfort in mind, also using innovative construction techniques and materials. They provide support and control, making sure comfort isn’t sacrificed.

Brands and manufacturers are responding to the demand of consumers offering them shapewear pieces that are not only easy to wear but also effective, and all of these options make for a diverse range of preferences and body types. 

How does shapewear influence fashion trends? 

We can’t neglect that shapewear has a big influence on the fashion trends. Let’s not forget that figure-hugging clothing pieces are still a prevalent trend. Thanks to shapewear, and pieces like shaper shorts, fashion designers are allowed to create designs that have sleek, and streamlined silhouettes that also highlight the curves of the body.

Also thanks to shapewear, some fashion trends, like retro-inspired ones have been revived. Some examples are high-waisted trousers or pencil skirts that are clothing pieces that get great support from wearing shapewear and getting an amazing hourglass figure. 

Besides, thanks to shapewear, some high-fashion looks have been made more accessible to a bigger and wider audience. When wearing the right shapewear, people can feel confident to wear more daring designs, and have a flawlessly sculpted silhouette. Now the lines between inner and outerwear are getting blurred as shapewear is becoming a visible part of many outfits. 

Empowering people 

Some people might say that shapewear helps perpetuate standards of beauty that are unrealistic and that it also promotes being unsatisfied with the body. But many other people see shapewear as a tool that empowers people and lets them express themselves and take control of how they look through fashion. 

When people are provided with options to contour and shape their bodies with shapewear, they then get the freedom to experiment more with fashion and feel comfortable and confident with themselves. Thanks to the rise of the body-positive movement and inclusivity, shapewear has become more normalized and accepted.

Now customers are being recognized, and their diverse needs and preferences but most importantly, diverse bodies, which is the reason why they are now offering a wider range of styles and sizes. 

What will the future bring?

We are sure that shapewear is going to remain important and still shape the fashion trends and influence the way we dress. Thanks to the advancements in technology and our society and brands giving a bigger and growing emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, shapewear will still be with us for a long time.

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